Fall Hibernation

Seems that August has been a bad month for ntl, my isp. Having lost my connectivity to the internet about 14:00 Sunday, 6th August it’s been a case of complete withdrawl. Nearly three weeks without internet access, geez, thanks ntl! Heh, always an interesting experience to ring up ntl’s technical support. “Hi, our intarwubs is teh broke dood!”, well, needless to say they were less than helpfull. After all this palarva with them, umpteen phone calls, one engineer, one engineering team and one booked engineer and still no access. It’s truly scary how these people are even in business! You’d think they would have trouble making any money at all, oh wait, they aren’t making an money. Typical.

Many telecomms companies these days seem to be massivly in debt these days which I have always found curious as they seem more than happy to charge you more than enough for slow, clogged and capped services. Perhaps it’s just another facet of ‘Rip-off Britain’ or did 3G licenses really kill the companies profitability? I don’t think anyone can argue that from the purchases to roll out was a significant amout of time.

Although I do still have, even if 480kbs, connection to the internet via my mobile phone, which I guess is an expensive blessing in disguise. Again though another telecomms company, but at least my phone doesn’t die quite as much as my internet access. Well, not quite. Lol, in a classic turn of fate, just about to grab a link from El Reg and my phone has completly lost all signal. I’m not the only one either, Orange went down totally recently. No internet for me at all this weekend it would appear. “No internet? You wrote a post though?” Ah yes, running on my localhost at home. Guess I will have to overwrite my online database if I ever get back online.

Which turned out to be today! Hazaa. Although the work I did on my blog today in lunch means a db overwrite would do more harm than good. So this post is current.

Funny that such a trivial thing that many years ago wouldn’t have bothered many people suddenly becomes such a major catastrophe. Would people 10 years ago really be that bothered? Hardly, admittedly it was the 90’s and people were busy losing money on e-ventures. These days however things are very different. We spend most of the time managing our time and making sure we can contact people, but when that link is severed forcefully we get all upset and stressed. Yet we seem intent on cutting people off when we chose to. I read an interesting article on how people are losing tolerance for difficult people by being too used to just cutting them off or ignoring them. I would link it, but being isolated from the world as I am at the moment, well..

Let’s all hope that this ntl engineer turning up soon will be able to sort out our cable and finally get us back online. Then it will simply be a matter of formulating a decent complaint letter for the solicitor to send in to get something out of the useless fools. Hard to launch a new blog system and swot up on the worlds goings on with no connection. Thank god for localhost.. suck it down.

Fingers crossed..