Time moves on

Well, after a fun birthday going to see De La Soul live, which was utterly awesome, we suffered a dissapointment when going to see Phi Life Cypher live. We got there too early and had spent all our money before they event got on stage, which sucked a bit. With the recent release of Guild Wars Nightfall, most of my time which isn’t spent in the infernal world of the labour market is in game. I have already completed the new campaign with my shiny new Paragon.

Finally got around to updating both www.gwbuilds.net and our guild website www.mpukgw.org.uk also. The fairy lights are up outside the house and its shockingly cold, I guess that can only mean one thing! Christmas abound. If anyone feels like sending me a huge bag of money with the word “SWAG” daubed on the side for Christmas, please, do, feel free!

I have a good post in draft which needs work, so keep your eyes peeled for that soon.

  • Listening to: Bob Marley – Lively Up Yourself