SongBird Wins!

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Songbird wins the battle of the media managers. Although there is a late arrival in the shape of which is an iPod plugin for WinAmp’s media manager. Which I am yet to try. The main reason was that iTunes doesn’t allow me to copy my music off my iPod to my computer. This caused it to lose more points than the RSS podcast downloading feature (probably the best thing in itunes) gained.

The next stage is to clean-up my library and perhaps actually swap my iPod over to a SongBird library instead of an itunes one. The application can only get better with time, as development thunders ahead and more extensions are released. So go and give it a try for a while, you’ll not go back to itunes! Try it,

Media Monkey

In a late review of the media libraries, I actually got some time to read the Lifehacker articles mentioned in this post. Which led me to the excellent, if rather ugly looking, Media Monkey. This ace application can tag all your mp3’s using folder names or amazon as a base. After about 4 hours, I finally had all 5,000 odd tracks tagged and named properly along with artwork. The only real drawback is that the information is stored locally in an mdb file so when I arrived at work and plugged the iPod into my work pc, it didn’t quite all work out.

I guess I will have to store the mdb on the iPod and install Media Monkey at work, in order to transfer the database over. I guess Apple didn’t think that people might want to have more than one application and more than one “library” pc, shame on you Steve.