The power landing

Ok, so having just forked out for an entirely new system I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of all the parts tomorrow (with luck) the breakdown is as follows.

  • CPU: Intel CPU Core 2 Duo E6600 2.40GHz 1066FSB LGA775 4MB cache Retail inc.Fan (3yr Manufacturers Warranty)
  • MOBO: Asus P5WDH Deluxe Skt 775 i975X DDR2, PCIe16, dual GbLAN 1394 SATA/RAID0/1/5 WiFi Supports Intel 65NM cpu) ATX Motherboard
  • RAM: Geil Value DDR2 2.0GB PC6400 Dual Channel memory kit (2 x 1GB) 800MHz (5-5-5-15) +Aluminium heat spreader, ATI Crossfire Ceritified
  • HDD: 500GB Samsung SATA II 300 Hard Disk Drive 16MB cache 7200rpm oem
  • SLI GFX: 320MB XFX 8800GTS, PCI-E (x16), Mem 1600MHz, GPU 500MHz, 96 Streams, 2x Dual Link/DVI HDTV
  • DVD: Samsung SH-S183L Black DVD +/-R/RW Lightscribe DL SATA OEM SH-S183L BEBN
  • CASE: Antec Full Case Nine Hundred Black Black full tower case +widow 3 x120mm and 1 x200mm fans ATX NO PSU
  • PSU: Antec Truepower Trio 550W PSU TP3-550 GB PSU

Looking forward to building it all in time for i30, not sure if it will travel to lan with me due to issues with the drivers from nVidia and the 8800 series of cards. Piccies and build log to follow! 😀

One thought on “The power landing

  1. Noone noticed that the motherboard is for ATI crossfire graphics and not nVidia cards! Have to RMA the board and buy another one, sigh. 😉

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