New pc!


Originally uploaded by Neon1024.

New year and springtime bring upgrades and preparations for Crysis, Bioshock, Unreal Tournament 3 and Hellgate London. As an aside, after a fantastic presentation by the CEO of the Hellgate London development team Flagship Studios, Bill Roper, I am utterly enthused about Hellgate London and would happily bill it as the closest you will get to Diablo3, and well well worth keeping an eye on. I have a pre-order myself, but I digress.

I have uploaded some photos of the new pc to my Flickr account for people to look at. Not much at the moment, but I will update them as I get more used to fiddling with GIMP on my Ubuntu machine.

One tip I would give people if you are looking to update your pc to the new architecture, such as SLi, please do make sure you buy the right motherboard! I managed to buy an ATI Crossfire motherboard, which of course did not support nVidia’s SLi technology. No big deal as nVidia haven’t yet released any SLi drivers, so you can only really use one graphics card at the moment. I have to admit the performance of just the one card is superb. Running Command and Conquer 3 on maximum settings with 8x Anti-Aliasing is pretty impressive.