Playstation Portable

I got one! Mesarim managed to persuade me that getting a cheap second hand unit from Gamestation for £99 with a game was well worth it. I started on my age old diatribe about how they would be good if they were open and you could actually use them for what they were intended. He informed me that thanks to some dark magic jiggery pokery there is Open Edition firmware to unlock the unit and allow you to use it as it was probably intended by those who designed it before the Sony corporate suits got hold of it. I also nabbed a matt black faceplate from DecalGirl and now have a fully featured and functional PSP 🙂

Running 3.40-OE firmware, I am currently playing Final Fantasy 7 (psx version), Zelda: Link to the past (snes) and Wipeout Pure (psp) all from one memory card! I have to say, this coupled with the built in WPA enabled WiFi and internet browser make the PSP a great unit to own! It’s quite shocking the amount of potential that this machine has and that Sony have locked away from all their local fans. Shame on you Sony.. again.

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