Well I finally managed to complete the build on my Strike Freedom Full Burst and there are pics in the Gundam gallery on Picasa. I also succumbed to weakness and ordered a Strike Noir MG kit to work on next!
Strike Noir

I am hopefully going to get a few extra bits to make building this kit a little easier. I have to admit that the snips I got from Maplins were totally awesome. Now to refine my sanding technique and perhaps buy a proper set of Gundam markers for touch ups.

Also started playing Final Fantasy Crisis Core on my PSP and it’s totally amazing! Graphically and in playability it’s easily one of the best games out for the system to date.

A weeks holiday in Cornwall beckons at the end of a nightmare week!

The thought of buying an Xbox 360 creeps back into the light from the elusive shadows, especially now that there is talk of a new 360 with a Blu-Ray drive.