Learning RoR! Rails on Ruby, or Ruby on Rails

So I’ve decided to learn a new language, having got stuck into some CakePHP and all my friends telling me that I should really tackle it’s older more mature sibling, Ruby on Rails.

Found a superb tutorial site in, rubylearning.com which has all the basics for learning Ruby on it. After that’s all tackled it will be onto learning the Rails framework and getting to grips with transferring my CakePHP MVC knowledge over to the Rails structure.

Also started using Aptana again now that they have finally got a solid build out. So I have switched from what was Eclipse with the Aptana plugin to using the pure Aptana app now with the PHP and RadRails perspectives loaded and so far it’s working great. A few niggles like basically not knowing too much about really using Aptana to develop quickly. The fact it interfaces so closely with the RoR script/generate though is great!

If like me you are a fan of a darker background, there is Green Chaud theme for Aptana too which makes coding much easier, as I was moving from the old Textmate Vibrant Ink theme in Notepad++ (scroll to the bottom) over to Aptana.