Music, Games and Headaches

Bah, had a 48 hours headache and it’s still going strong. Pain in the .. well.. head I suppose.

I really figured I should update my site with a post so that it looks like I actually update it, which I suppose is a hollow ploy considering it’s all date tagged, hmm.

So that’s headache, ah yes, Music. how I love thee. Although I did ask them about RSS notifications form shows and they have ignored me thus far, which is a bit of a shame really. Even though, this site is the Monday site. Great mixes, sets and radio shows from a variety of my favourite labels. Be sure to check out the Tru Thoughts, Solid Steel and The Dugout shows as they are pretty awesome.

Listening to these is a great heads up on the happenings of things, such as the new Roots Manuva album ‘Slime & Reason’ and the new Mr Scruff album ‘Ninjatuner’ ‘Ninja Tuna’, well worth checking out. You can even buy the 320kb/s DRM FREE albums from for under a tenner!

Games eh? My god the runup to christmas is looking tasty; stuff like,
Valkyria Chronicles
Midnight Club: Los Angeles
The Last Remenant
Mirror’s Edge
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm
Final Fantasy 13
Fallout 3
Diablo 3

To name just a few of the titles. You know it’s bad when your pre-order list hits £275! Where’s that raise I ordered?

Large chunks of time have now been recinded from Eve and meritoriously passed back to fund a revivial of Guild Wars! Woot. Man I’ve missed this game. Jogged through the end of Eye of the North with henchies and heroes, even solo’ed the Great Destroyer! Go go gadget Koss with a Stone Tanker build (Hmm, I can’t find the actual build online, but it’s like 3 axe attacks, then Obsidian Armor, Stone Armor, Dolyak Signet, Watch Yourself), similar to this stone tank.)