A new project hatches

I have been having some crazy idea’s about creating a new website. First it was an application to use the Last.fm API, which I will admit that I have not lost interest in, but did find out that it would be near impossible to do with the Last.fm api. Apparently Last.fm are genre independant. Which is fine as genre is a touchy subject for most music-o-philes (?) as everyone tags things differently. What’s electronica to me is downtempo to the next listener.

Project 2 (beta) of course, or should that be Projct?, Projektr?, anyhow, was a few idea’s on processing someone’s activity online and syndicating it via RSS to a site. I have a distinct feeling that I’ve read or seen an article about (visited the site now) Friends Feed or similar, which is to do with aggregating online activity. I plumped for Yahoo! Pipes actually, seeing as I have an account with them from way back. So off I bustled to grab the 960gs PSD and get cracking. This was after about 5 ideas on various A4 pieces of paper and quite a number of pages of my trusty Moleskine. You really can’t beat paper prototyping for getting an idea out of your head and into daylight. I do find writing things down, even in scribbly mess always makes room for that next idea, no pressing buttons, no trying to make that one box shape in word 1px smaller so that it fits nicely and all the various niggly fiddly, grr, bits in between.

I’ve always been fond of Terry Pratchetts writing on ideas,

Particles of raw inspiration sleet through the universe all the time. Every once in a while one of them hits a receptive mind, which then invents DNA or the flute sonata form or a way to make lightbulbs wear out in half the time. But most of them miss. Most people go through their lives without being hit by even one. Some people are even more unfortunate. They get them *all*.

(Ah for the day when computers will understand me and not the other way around, then we shall see! Give me wetware interface!)

So I have very nearly put the finishing touches on the design. Well, version 1 revision 1. One day, one revision. Now it’s time to put it aside for a day and come back to it on Friday morning for a fresh glimpse. I will be putting the site up on one of my many and varied domain names, I have one in mind, but I don’t think it will be www.organogasmagram.co.uk, yes really.

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