Madness gone.. well… mad

Neon: I don’t suppose you have a spanner
Neon: Or a number 7 socket wrench
Neon: I tell you
Neon: That’s the last time I buy cheap Golf shoes
Neon: Have to go back to using fireworks
Wilko: wtf are you talking about?
Wilko: are you building something?
Neon: Yes
Neon: The mightiest Iguana ever to grace these isles
Wilko: wow
Neon: But I need more glue
Wilko: can I see it when its done?
Neon: The feathers keep peeling off, because there isn’t enough glue
Neon: It will never fly without feathers
Neon: I did water proof it though
Neon: I based the design on a carrier bag you see
Wilko: good thinking
Neon: So the inherant plasticy waterproofing is there
Wilko: use chewing gum if you’ve run out of glue
Neon: Hm, dunno about gum, as then you get into arguments over what flavour has better sealing properties
Neon: See, I always thought Juicy Fruit
Neon: But then, with the new Trident stuff, well, it competes well with those silly blue squares
Neon: Although they do have an adgesive potential ratio of 7.1
Neon: Which is good when you consider it’s sugar
Wilko: juicy fruit is all flavour and no stick
Neon: True, their lack of stick is a dissapointment
Neon: But you are only going to chew on it anyway
Wilko: not if its holding feathers on
Neon: No no, you’ve got it all inside out
Neon: Pull that
Neon: and press the green button
Neon: Pump the bellows and then make sure to cut that laces at the right time
Neon: Or we’ll never get airbourne
Wilko: right, sorry, my mistake
Neon: I don’t suppose you have a porridge hat?
Neon: Ah silly question really
Neon: It’s not porridge season is it
Neon: Tch
Neon: Typical
Wilko: no it isnt
Neon: Hm, come on, think!
Neon: We need something hat worthy with an adhesive potential ratio over 7
Wilko: hmmm
Wilko: honey hat
Wilko: toffee
Neon: Lol
Neon: You’re new to this aren’t you
Neon: See, you didnt’ consider Bee’s
Wilko: what about the toffee?
Neon: They’d take your head clean off if you were wearing a honey hat in winter
Neon: What about it
Neon: Look, the toffee started it
Neon: I wasn’t doing anything and then all of a sudden bam
Neon: He wanders over and starts making a fuss
Neon: “Fuss” I said
Neon: “Just stop” said the Toffee
Neon: I wouldn’t have any of it, so I ate his legs
Wilko: ok, wine gums
Wilko: wahts wrogn with that?
Neon: With wine gums
Neon: I can’t stand all the whining
Wilko: its the season for ready brek
Wilko: *sigh*
Neon: You did bring aplha blend flying googles?
Neon: I have a goldfish in mine
Wilko: no I didnt
***Neon proffers up a complex looking pair of goggles involing leather straps, glass and clockwork
Neon: Mind the fish though
Neon: Right then
Wilko: I can picture it now
Neon: Let’s get this Iguana airbourne
Neon: Man the laces!
Neon: Batten the exhaust!
Neon: Pump!
Neon: (you are pumping?
Wilko: im pumping hard
Neon: Great
Wilko: there are some funny sounds
***Neon pushes the green button
Wilko: and somethign looks like its goign to fall off
Neon: *silence*
Neon: What?
Neon: What fell off?
Wilko: the tension is incredable
Neon: Don’t cut the laces
Neon: Or we’ll be catapulted into .. well.. just into a bad place
Neon: Don’t ask
Wilko: a bad place?
Neon: The time dimension spiral isn’t somewhere to mess about in
Wilko: waht kind of bad?
Neon: Places .. well.. look, they don’t wear hats
Neon: and then it’s just get worse from there
Neon: A place without hats
Neon: *shudder*
Neon: Did you find that part?
Neon: See this is why you need the APR to be above 7
Neon: Oh well
Wilko: no hats at all?
Wilko: what if we took one?
Neon: Have to try another launch tomorrow
Wilko: yeah, I think we need to give it a break
Neon: Lol, ever the optimist
Neon: Hats are outlawed in the time dimension spiral
Neon: Man, lol, imagine turning up there with a legless toffee hat
Neon: The pixie nose weavers would lock you up for sure
Neon: Right, I need to do some running repairs on the Flying Iguana Boat or FIB
Neon: Catch you in a bit
Wilko: bye