A new theme, a new start, a new language?

Finally got around to adding the new theme, thinning out the content and fixing a few bits here and there. Should make the site a little cleaner, easier to use and less cluttered.

I have become one with the great unwashed since last week. Pretty good really in hindsight, gives me a fantastic opportunity to go find a better job and really leverage my skillset to the benefit of another business. Woah, perhaps I have been completing too many forms. Still it’s all good, just a smidgen of sunshine over the weekend and I’ll be happy.

Toying with picking up Ruby on Rails again after my last forray proved entertaining and entirely doable. Must dig out my RoR books and mock up a project to build something in it. Ah, actually there’s an idea as I write this.

I’m now wondering why it’s not dark and realised it’s 7pm. Well I guess that’s the day then, time to cook some dinner and get the kettle on.

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