Music playlists of tunes you love to match your mood

Since I started using Twitter I have been thinking more and more about how to use all the data that these new services gather for us, Facebook,, Twitter and Delicious etc. They store all this data and some of the more popular services spark a whole ecosystem of tools and third party sites which visualise or leverage the api to create new services based on other services. This is a fantastic evolution for the web and something that will only expand. Imagine visualising all your links on your desktop using an Adobe Air application which then suggests other links and topics, and automatically categorises links for you!

I’ve always been intrigued by listenening to music based on mood and tempo. After all, sometimes your music will bring back great memories and change your feelings. Media Monkey has the feature of setting moods to music, so that you can have upbeat tracks, party tracks, uplifting, moody, chilled and all that.

I avoided tagging my tracks with as it’s always been a bit of a ballache to tag stuff. Now that I’m using the client with iTunes (argh) on my work Mac, I’ve started tagging my tracks with mood, tempo and type tags. The stroke of genius comes in that allows you to listen to those tags! Check out my tags as an example, This means if I’m looking for something upbeat I can just listen to my upbeat tag. If I’m wanting a playlist for a party I can hit my party tag. Fantastic!

If anyone knows of tools and third party applications for Delicious, please do link me up in the comments. I think this service has fantastic potential for visualising links, or basing third party tools on the wealth of data. Imagine merging that popular data with Digg, Magnolia and other sites to create a super popular page, which aggregates all that RSS and creates a true “Top 20 links on the Internet today” page!

2 thoughts on “Music playlists of tunes you love to match your mood

  1. I would like to say, excellent site. Im not sure if it has been talked about, however when using Chrome I can never get the entire blog to load without refreshing several times. Maybe just my CPU. Appreciate your work

    • Hmm, well I’ve tested the site using my version of Chrome ( and it seems to be fine for me. When loading the site, what elements don’t load? How long do you wait for the site to load before refreshing and how fast is your internet connection?


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