Hi Google Wave team,
I once had a fight with a badger. It all started when I was on holiday at Center Parcs. So I was walking down the road with my pet Iguana, Clarence, dodging the crazy cyclists with their baby trailers in tow when I stumped across a mushroom. This is no ordinary mushroom said Clarence and I was quick to agree. It was about 8 inches tall and green. I wouldn’t mind that, but the underside of the cap was shining a blue light onto the ground. When me and Clarence looked closer we discovered that it was an ant bar. There was a little barman ant, a stripper ant and loads of little tiny beer glasses. I had to quickly yank Clarences leash to stop him trying to eat all the patrons. Can you imagine that in a local bar, I wouldn’t think being eaten alive to be a good way to relax. Just as we were turning away we saw a badger giving us an evil eye from the near distance. Clarences tongue was flicking so I knew instinctivly that something was not quite right. Suddenly the badger charged! Followed by another badger, badger badger, badger! I was so shocked I accidentally stood on the mushroom. It took quite a bit of councelling to get over the loss of the ant bar. In the morning Clarence and I put a little memorial up for all the brave souls who died in the Badgershroom incident. Needless to say I had the last laugh, swiftly followed by a cup of tea and a crumpet.


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