Changing network classification in Windows 7

So I have had the, what seems popular, ‘Unknown network’ bug in Windows 7. I wanted to try and change the unknown network to be something that would be on my workgroup in an effort to stop Windows preventing me connecting to the internet without having to disable and re-enable my network adapter every. single. freaking. boot.

So! I figured on this, and what? What?! There’s no way to reclassify your network configurations?! Yes, well I also had a big “WTF?!” moment too. I remember being able to edit it in the menu on the network control panel. So I clicked my system tray network icon to open up the ‘Sharing and Network Center’, ah, there we are ‘Connect or Disconnect’, click that, oh wait, that opens the same dialog that I got to here with? Oh yeah, so basically a nice cyclical loop. Golf clap for Microsoft on that one.

It wasn’t untill I had thoroughly given up and the problem had fixed itsself, for the meantime, that I asked @bajb if he knew, well I started ranting about it, as I like to do, and he got cracking on trying to find it. And Lo. It was found!

You have to click the icon! I’ve no idea why I didn’t find this, or didn’t try, but there you are. So if you need to reclassify your networks from Home to Work or whatever this is where you need to find it. I am quite shocked that Microsoft haven’t found this issue. I’m not quite sure how to report the bug to them, as I reckon it’s a bug.

So hopefully this will help anyone else reclassify their network in Windows 7, if you have an unknown network, give it a try and let me know in the comments how you get on!