Time to talk gaming and politics!

The ELSPA are holding a pre election question and answer session with representatives of the three major uk political parties on the future of the Uk and it’s digital economy. The focus is on what the parties will do for gaming if they are elected, but I think it should be less focused on pre-election propaganda and more focused on the Digital Economy Bill, which has just been passed through the house of lords and I hope, will not get forced through parliment in the wash-up period next month before the dissolution of parliment.

So, I’ll be there on Monday night to have a listen and hopefully highlight some of the frankly rediculously uninformed and dangerous descisions that these politicians are making on behalf of what is coming up to be a huge potential industry sector in the worldwide marketplace. I can only hope that the questions asked by the audience are genuine and really probing of what these people know of the gaming industry and how to save it from the money loving corporate lobbyists.

See you there, Monday 29th March, 7:30pm BAFTA, Picadilly Circuis, London!