Don’t ISPs have enough to worry about?

IMG_2026Having just read this, I was amused. The government wants to place the responsibility of tracking down law breakers into the hands of these people? Hell if my recent experiences of Be Broadband are anything to go by, this will end in tears pretty much instantly. As ISP’s incompetence trickles over into the legal side they risk alienating their customers, as a simple computer error on the ISP end could end up in account suspension or worse.

I really can’t see any sense to the Digital Economy Bill here in the UK, and would reiterate the point to IP and rights holders, that you need to engage with your consumers. I am a gamer and a heavy user of the internet. I’m also in full time employment and clever enough to understand when someone tries to force through bad law. Please don’t victimise me just because I’m passionate about gaming, and don’t give incompetent people the power to make cock-ups which could cost innocent people dearly.

One thought on “Don’t ISPs have enough to worry about?

  1. Well, it seems this has been rushed through the British parliament. Due to be enacted next year, it seems that public outrage isn’t enough to stop the idiots in Westminster passing through bad law.

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