3 Sir! Right! 5!

Some days, you just go a little strange. This was a work email written to my colleague Mark, not 5 minutes ago.

Greeting and salutations to you Mark of clan Murphy.

I bid you warm tidings on this the twenty seventh of our lords month of June.

As it was written long ago by a man that much wiser than myself.

“Thou shalt resize”

.. and thus there was resizing. Many wise men tried this technique of resizing, and they surmised after great trepidation that the mathematical format of the square should be the chosen size. For it was pleasing to the lord. Thus the resizing of the image was into a square, and lo, it shall be-eth uploaded unto the website, where in his grace, it shall be cropped.

Having counted to 5 3 it shall then be displayeth amongst all the wonder of the website.

Here endeth the lesson.

All power to the engines.

Go in peace, Mark of clan Murphy.