Guild Wars – Getting to 30 points in Hall of Monuments!

So, the epic battle is on to try and reach the holy grail of 30 points in the Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments but where to start? I’m currently at 22 points, and there is a long way to go yet to reach the fabled 30 mark and get all the good stuff.

So far my ‘to do’ list is looking like this,

This looks very simple, but there is still plenty to do! Firstly will be completing the cartographer’s! I’ve got about 98% of Elona so far so netting that last few % will get me two titles, and one precious point!

The other stuff is much harder, which entails gathering LOTS of expensive crafting materials, but this is balanced as the reward for two sets of armour is a whopping four points! How about that, although the materials are hard to come by,

  • 100 Platinum
  • 600 Bolt(s) of Cloth
  • 40 Bolt(s) of Linen
  • 80 Amber Chunk(s)
  • 32 Elonian Leather Square(s)
  • 16 Ruby(s)
  • 16 Sapphire(s)

Everything is fine except for Amber chunks, which are okay ish, it’s the Rubys and Sapphires which are the killer. As everyone is now after the Vabbian armour set, the prices of these have sky rocketed! Meaning you are looking at a few platinum per item. So perhaps the Vabbian armour is out of reach? We’ll see about that!

Lastly that Phoenix. Now this is straight forward, you just kill Shiro. Sounds simple right? Well yeah with people it is. With noone in my guild bar one or two people playing the game now, nearly 6 years later at the time of writing this, it’s even harder. All hail the Guild Wars Live team! for the full hero team update! Finally I might be able to build a specific team build to take down Shiro and earn my Phoenix and net those two elusive points.

So there we have it, this is my to do list detailed here more for my own benefit than anyone elses, but by breaking down the tasks into smaller chunks it makes the points all stack up. With these few items complete, I actually end on 31 points! Not bad 😉

If you want further information on reaching 50 points! Check this out,