Guild Wars Legendary Cartographer

GW Elona Map Hacks So yeah man, I’ve cracked it. Big thanks to my guildies for offering help to get me there. Turns out there are two really big glitches, as there are in Tyria which net you quite a bit of extra map. I ended up asking a question on the most excellent Gaming Stackexchange which got a reply of checking the Wiki, which I had just not thought of doing! D’oh!

So after doing the few hacks listed in the wiki I cracked it with ease. So that’s got me my ‘Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer’ along with completing my ‘Legendary Cartographer’. Those two titles pushed my ‘Kind of a big deal’ title to 6 netting me the first title ‘Kind of a big deal’.

The real upshot of this fantastic moment is that it net’s me one Hall of Monuments point. Which is ace, hopefully I can see them on the site soon 🙂

Here is the glorious moment.

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