RC Drift Cars

So I’d found some videos on RC drifting ages ago on YouTube. I didn’t realise but 4 years ago! Geez.

Turns out that the guys over at 272Heroes.com are into RC Drift also, so it might be worth picking up a car. I say that but it’s yet another hobby to pour money I don’t have into! The cars are £200 for the basic RTR (Ready to run) kits. Ouch. Much has changed, but this seems to be the starndard kit these days.

Although I think I’d have to buy all the shells which match my Dream Garage. Probably starting with the Hankook 350z. Then the S15 shell, R35.. argh, the list goes on! At least they’d be inter-changable. Check out all the shells on HPIRacing.co.uk