Guild Wars 2 beta stress test

So I was in the Guild Wars 2 stress test last night and it seemed to go totally fine. As I want to play Norn Ranger in the release version of the game I’ve avoided Norn and Ranger in the beta’s in order to not spoil the surprise. I was tempted to play my lv22 Human Guardian, but instead plumped to try and stick it out with my Elementalist. So I played him for this short test. I can safely say that the rumours of Ele’s being a glass cannon are totally true, you’re squishy, very squishy. So it was straight to the shops to look for +Vit items and dropping points into my +Vit traits.

However after a few hours I soon got used to the way the class plays and ended up sticking with Staff and Dagger/Dagger. Primarily using Water attunement as it’s got reasonable damage, crowd control, utility and healing all rolled in.

If you just want to check out the shots jump straight to the gallery.

Below is a shot of my Ele in Divinities Reach Palace. I’ve also linked the thumb below to a hi-res screen taken in game. Caution it’s 10mb!