Reflecting on levelling past 50 in Guild Wars 2

Teaming vs Solo

What do you mean?
I mean that due to the games focus on dynamism and the use of events it fosters a play-together style which favours ad-hoc groups where you just happen to be in the right place at the right time with other players. You can then all partake in the events and get your rewards before splitting up and heading off to do other things. This does however seem to put down structured team play.
On the whole, I’ve not felt the need to team at all! Perhaps it’s because I’m playing Ranger and totally pwn πŸ˜‰ But my strong ranged damage, high crit rate and the ability to ‘pet tank’ means I can happily take on +5 mobs without any trouble.

How I’ve played so far
To get to lv50+ all I’ve done is get 100% map completion on the main cities and all the Norn starter zones up to 50. That’s it. Of course there is a sprinkling of events here and there as you see them, but it’s mostly exploration and just looking at the map and going to reveal it. Nothing more really. Sure I’ve done Caudecus’ Manor Story which nets you about 20k exp. In most cases I’ve not even had to actively do the renown hearts as in most cases there is an event nearby which allows you to complete the heart with other players, sometimes, just in the event. So a whole heart might take 5 minutes of event to complete!
Not even my story! I’ve done about the first 5 story missions, and have the lv21 one to do currently.
Ah, I’ve forgotten to mention crafting too, which gives exp.

Then when I level up I go visit the completed renown heart npc’s who are the same level as me and spend my karma on gear. So far this has kept me geared about 3 levels ahead of my current level. To the point where I’m now running out of Norn content to do, unless I want to churn away fighting mobs +6-8 levels or above. Which I can totally do, just, but then when I level I have to run or teleport all the way back to my lv53 renown heart npc to buy gear. Sure, I should instead go visit the other races lv50-60 zones and do the content there, but I’m not sure if I think this is a good idea yet.

I reckon doing all the races zones is something I’ll do later.

What feels wrong
Lack of social interaction basically. Certainly there are some players who are more social than others and will chat in /l during events and stuff, but on the whole there isn’t much chat in /g as I think most people are busy exploring solo. This could just be, as it is for me, that the game is so exciting and there is so much to do that you easily get absorbed into it and don’t really feel the need to team up.

To me there just seems to be lacking that little bit of teaming which you get in games like Battlefield3 where you work with your squad to get stuff done, and it’s important to pull your weight in your squad in order to achieve.

Why I miss missions
Guild Wars missions really addressed this team aspect for me. It gave you an opportunity to team up with and recruit players from the guild to all go tackle a mission. I have fond memories of spending a long time grinding out Thunderhead Keep trying to get the bonus and survive, whilst swapping skills, chatting about tactics and franticly shouting on TS.

Open world teams
Will teaming to explore work? I’m not sure. I for one am totally distracted by everything. Whether that’s gathering or events or whatever, I am always flitting between different objectives as I explore simply due to the very dynamic nature of the world its self. I think it would work if you were on TS and at least could talk to each other to keep people moving in the same direction. I do think that you’d have to agree to explore and just keep on track, taking in events as you find them.
What are your thoughts on open world teaming?

How to solve it?
Dungeons. Well yes, okay. These are organised teaming events and I think that they’ll prove a good way to bring the guild together at each 10 level increment after 30 to get some teaming in. Ascalon Catacombs at lv30 for example is a very tough dungeon and will undoubtedly take a few tries to get through.
Otherwise I’d be totally up for getting a bunch of people together to team up for a few hours to go and explore a new zone. Somewhere we’ve not been. As not many people have rolled humans, somewhere like Hirathi Hinterlands would be ideal, lv35-45. We can team up, meet at a waypoint and just head out. It could be a weekly thing perhaps?
I’m also not sure if it’s possible to join people for their story missions.

This is a ‘mind dump’ really about the only thing which I’d consider a niggle with GW2. It’s still very early days considering that GW ran for what? 6 years? πŸ˜‰
Hope that everyone is enjoying the game and exploring. If you want some company holla in /g and let’s get some teaming going! I’ve not even seen what peoples characters look like yet 😯
Fingers crossed for Guild Halls making a comeback in future updates πŸ˜€