Guild Wars 2 Ranger Build

So here is my idea for a straight up ‘kill stuff’ Ranger build.

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Longbow + Shortbow {Heal as One} {Sharpening Stone} {Quickening Zephyr} {Signet of the Wild} {Rampage As One}
+10% dmg, +5% dmg, +10% dmg w/ flanking
+50% end recharge

Weapon sets
> Use sigils to increase dmg or bleeding, or a sigil to gain precision on kill as the stack will stay on weapon swap.
> Use sigils on weapon swap, or increase bleeding/poison dmg.

Look for ‘of Agony’, ‘of Power’ or ‘of Perception’ ideally. Full sigil list.

Don’t be scared to swap to using Greatsword, anything which gives you a high Damage really. Axe+Warhorn could also work for extra buffs, but you might want to swap ‘Rampage As One‘ for ‘Entangle‘. If you use Greatsword always keep moving as the third attack includes a free dodge! Also be sure that if you use different weapon sets to work in bleeding somewhere.

It makes use of bleeding as your condition, which stacks in intensity, so the idea is to use ‘Sharpening Stone’ + ‘Quickening Zephyr’ + ‘Rapid Fire’ to lay down a lot of bleeding, then swap to Shortbow (+Swiftness +Fury) and move around the target to apply more bleeding and also poison.

Ensure that you stay to the side or behind your target so you get te Shortbow bleeding and also your +10% dmg flanking bonus.

Try and avoid using dodge until you really need to. As you will lose the 10% dmg boost from having full endurance. Don’t worry though as you’ll get Protection for dodging and ‘Natural Vigor’ will recharge your endurance 50% quicker to get your 10% dmg bonus back.

If you need to move around, then punch ‘Rampage As One’ to get Swiftness. Or you can use it in open play as an afterburner to gain additional Might for some more damage.