Antec 900 to Corsair 650D build

So I recently decided to ditch my old Antec 900 v1 in favour of a Corsair 650D because I wanted the cable management and newer features that the 650D brought to the rig. I’d been toying with this idea for quite a while, since September in fact. Although now I’ve replaced the H80 idea with the newer H100i to cool my Intel i7 3770k. This will hopefully give me some scope to overclock the cpu if I want to and still have a solid cooler.

I got the case all setup and built, but it was lacking a little something. Especially considering that I mounted the PSU the ‘wrong’ way up, so it’s drawing in from the bottom (through the filter) and blowing out the back meaning that the 4-pin ATX cable wasn’t long enough to be fitted behind the board. Argh. On top of that some of the other cables looked a little shoddy, so it was time for some modding.

As you can see, hardly ideal.

Previously I had been looking around at what mods people had done with the 650D I’d seen this shot from which had nice red cables, hmm, they look nice.

I stated looking around for a 4-pin ATX extension to sort out the atx power touching the heat pipes and stumbled across the BitFenix Alchemy cable extensions. These looked ideal and meant that I could keep the inside of the case consistant. I had to splash out £60 on these cables, but they are worth it and they look awesome. If you want to find out more, I’d recommend the TinyTomLogan review on YouTube. Lo and behold these were how the 650D on had been built. Jackpot.

The next thing was colour. Now I love green, but unfortunately had sold out of green cables! I also like orange, and there were loads of those, sweet. So they arrived and I popped to Maplins on the way home to pickup just a few cable ties and spent 3 hours on Friday night cabling. It’s not as easy as you’d think!

The result I’m pleased with overall, although the back of the case does bow out by around 2-3mm which I’m not totally happy with, so I think I’ll have to have another go when I have time.

The eagle eye’d among you might have noticed that I neglected to count my optical drive when buying SATA cables, so I had to order an extra cable. When fitting it I realised that I had not even put SATA power to the drive either! D’oh. I also had to move the optical drive down into the bottom bay so that the cable would reach, but it was worth it as the back cabling was actually easier this way.

The next mod to go in was an LED exhaust fan. I did try with a bunch of cathodes in the case but they all lit up too much of the case which I didn’t really want. Ideally I wanted to keep the lighting subtle. You can see the results of the cathode tests in the gallery. Then I stumbled across this page whilst looking for fans and it looked awesome. Turns out this is the Xigmatek XLF-F1253 which has orange fan blades and white leds. This looked a perfect combination to keep the orange theme going but add a little light to the case.

The last mod to do is to spray the optical drive housing black to match the case, so the Tamiya TS-6 Matt black rattle can is on it’s way!


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